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The traditional printing "hand in hand" by the national polic
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In the embodiment of the printing process, inevitably requires a lot of attention to the problem. In recent years, for the implementation of green printing, the government sets a number of preferential policies Chu, has taken a number of measures in order to create a relaxed environment.

The relevant regulatory authorities should regularly have been certified green printing enterprise supervision and inspection for the enterprise "fresh." We focus on the issue of green printing, green printing inject new vitality to maintain the level of green printing, on the stage, the formation of a new brand of green printing efforts. For printing high cost of raw materials, technology and other issues need to transform, can be solved through market regulation.

US, Japan, EU and other countries and regions in environmental management and protection started earlier for manufacturing enterprises gas emissions, waste disposal and energy saving has become a mature system of regulations and standards. ISO14000 is issued by the International Organization for Standardization Environmental Management System in 1996, after ten years of development, maturing and mature, and has become an internationally recognized universal standards.

In addition, the carbon balance of the US and Europe also stressed the emphasis on prints from raw material procurement, production and distribution to the recovery of carbon emissions and the whole life cycle and measures. Therefore, developed countries and regions in the implementation of green printing process have attached great importance to industry standards and internationally accepted standards and environmental standards, their universal consistency and convergence of the development in accordance with the characteristics of the print production at the international and national standards on the basis of common Green printing standards.

Developed countries and regions of the printing requirements of environmental protection is not limited to the print production process, but involves the whole process of printing raw material procurement and delivery. American printing companies such as procurement of raw materials must be "due diligence" and as far as possible through the use of environmentally certified paper, ink and other raw materials, in order to reduce the impact of the printing industry chain entire production process on the environment.

Enterprises should get green printing certified as a new starting point, keep discipline, to prevent the "damp" phenomenon. Through government planning, market operations, corporate participation, only creating a new environment green printing industry, it is a line with "the environment is good, wholesome," a new mode of production, is a product of the times, to make this production continue to improve the way of development, regulation is necessary. Green printing has never been behind closed doors, the subject of international convergence is inevitable.