The future development of the 12 trends in packaging and prin

1, packaging printing market electronic commerce emerged

Many packaging printing enterprises through the third party electronic commerce platform (WeChat micro-blog, QQ, etc.) to achieve further expand the business market, e-commerce has become an important enterprise information exchange between aggregation platform.

The hurricane network focused support resources and advantages of the technology industry, has more than 100 international brands of printing equipment support network will become a hurricane, Chinese green printing equipment supplier first platform

PK printing mode 2, the network of traditional printing

Personalized printing needs of a large number of promoting the application of cloud printing technology. Compared with the traditional printing methods, printing to achieve cloud customization, ready to place an order, fast delivery, due to the use of network technology to optimize production processes, reduce production costs, can be effective for customers to save costs.

"The network printing" become the printing industry new technology and profit growth point, "cloud printing business model" with "cloud computing has brought a new era of change" to the printing industry.

3, micro corrugated corrugated packaging has become a hot spot

Online shopping has spawned the rapid development of the logistics, micro corrugated packaging because it has the characteristic of light weight, low cost, good printing adaptability, is widely used in business, corrugated machine production also appeared in short supply phenomenon. In addition to the logistics industry, due to the characteristics of micro corrugated products unique, it is still favored by the food industry.

4, to enter the high-end packaging technology to break the monopoly of the market

Aseptic packaging technology for the first time in 1982 by the introduction of foreign technology, the biggest advantage is that under sterile conditions, to maximize the retention of the original nutrition and flavor, and the shelf life was prolonged.

The domestic production of paper plastic aluminum composite flexible packaging packaging enterprises has reached more than 20, they have to enter the high-end packaging market, annual sales of about 22000000000, breaking the monopoly of the Multi-National Corporation for many years.

5, energy saving and emission reduction and sustainable development of green printing

Green printing is the main trend of development of global printing industry, is an important part of social progress.

National Committee on Printing Standardization Technology has launched the green printing standards, Ministry of environmental protection has also launched the formulation of standards of environmental protection printing enterprises, green printing and environmental protection has reached the "green printing in Chinese".

6, packaging and printing industry transformation and upgrading has become the trend of the development of the enterprise

Traditional packaging and printing industry in the new round of economic competition has gradually entered the bottleneck. In the face of industry intensive degree is low, lack of independent innovation, emerging market development ability is not strong and other major issues, the traditional printing industry need to adjust product structure, to meet the needs of the market development of the transformation and upgrading, in order to usher in new opportunities and challenges.

7, packaging printing enterprises "big but not strong"

Packaging industry "big but not strong". Packaging enterprises amounted to 300000, of which more than 2 above scale enterprises only, 90% for small and medium sized enterprises. The industrial structure is unreasonable, the low grade of products, weak capacity of independent innovation, has become a constraining packaging industry development "bottleneck" and "soft rib". The industry of packaging and printing has been completed the quantitative stage, strong brand will be the main theme of the industrial development.

8, digital printing process will become a required course for the enterprise

The digital process is the printing and packaging enterprises have gradually established and standardized production process. Through the establishment of digital process, direct docking to achieve remote proofing and printing factory and customer data, printing production management, samples, the establishment of efficient, effective management process.

9, product design and service needs to be further strengthened

For the packaging and printing enterprise, should focus on R & D and marketing product innovation, product innovation also includes service mode.

Printing and packing by now in print as the leading factor, become the leading to product packaging design, packaging printing enterprises step by step, undertake printing to provide comprehensive solutions for packaging development.

Product design copyright has become a hot printing enterprise tracking, product packaging design is who owns the copyright, who determines the product packaging printing right.

10, simple packaging guide the concept of environmental protection

Simple packaging concept makes printing market expansion is restricted. With the enhanced awareness of environmental protection, simple packaging has impact on the industry of packaging and printing.

Simple packaging in line with the concept of environmental protection, printing and packaging market is restricted by. Involved in the manufacture of luxury packaging printing enterprises carefully adjust their business structure.

11, honest style of management and control of public funds to buy

The Central Committee issued the "eight provisions" "six prohibitions" effectively promote clean wind, the Commission issued "on the prohibited public funds to purchase printed greeting cards and other items to send the notice of meeting", "we must continue to reduce the amount of paper documents", which reflects the market is worth attention to packaging printing enterprises.

12, the recent overseas orders is difficult to have a big growth

Overseas printing business is difficult to have a big growth. China's printing products export is always less than 10% of the total printing printing from the statistics, since the outbreak of the global financial crisis, the same impact on the domestic printing companies to undertake overseas printing business, this situation is difficult to change the recent estimate.