In 2015, the printing industry ready?

Compared with the less successful peers, industry leaders have one's own knack in the operation of the company and the pulse is indeed, it is beyond doubt. According to a 2014 entitled "the North American printing production services: Information Industry Transformation" of the show, 2015, industry leaders have a big plan, they look forward to:

►Through the application of innovation and technology have software tools to reduce manufacturing cost

►Have introduced more value-added services

►Will have more time and energy on marketing and product sales

2015 what is your plan? You are still in accordance with the previous business model operation, or to experience something new. Here's a hint... Einstein is such a definition of insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Change from innovation

The printing enterprise and supplier's thinking is changing from the traditional products and services to the digital direction. This transformation through printing, advertising, terminal market. Although a few of the enterprise or the like before, to maintain the vitality and continue to provide the immutable and frozen products and services, but the vast majority of enterprises to innovate, they need to improve their service to get the business volume continued to decline in the winter. This is the market in the printing industry is happening.

Three trends in USA printing enterprise, marketing and advertising market is experiencing a dramatic transformation period. In recent years, those of us in the printing industry fought for many years have witnessed too many changing technology, these technologies have radically changed our business model. Continuous innovation, these changes began in the early 90's of the last century the hardware such as printing, digital printing toner technology continues to erode the traditional offset printing market based on color ink-jet printing equipment; heat of the highly acclaimed has not been in the past, the color ink-jet printing production equipment will further as the market's "showstopper".

All the time, continuous innovations in hardware products is considered to be the main driver of market transformation, but the fact that software "killer" more. A short period of time after the emergence of digital printing equipment, printing industry software vendors can provide work flow function. Compared to the PDF process or the printing of MIS software is more important, the work flow is provided by the electronic commerce software, the integration of Internet search and advertising tool, and the recent rise in mobile marketing services. With the current situation of the traditional products and services are shrinking, the advertising to the Internet and mobile terminal market practice is to form a synergistic effect, like the two fist at the same force, threatening the commercial printing industry.

According to the Pew Research Center entitled "status quo" news media industry report shows that in 2013, all traditional forms of advertising (such as the proportion of television, radio, newspapers, etc.) is declining, while the proportion of online and mobile advertising is increasing. This change in the advertising revenue for the printing service provider business adjustment of great significance, because the proportion of advertising printing job in the field of printing large. For commercial printing service providers, newspapers and magazines, direct mail, a directory page, large format printing labels, and so are the potential source of income as collateral. Due to the change of advertising does not always occur in specific applications or in the market, let us talk about a specific application, see the online and mobile terminal is how to change the printing market.

Case: car sales advertising way

For decades, the newspaper and printing service provider has been promoting its cars and car dealer service point. Over the years, the newspaper ads, car dealers and grocery store advertising is very successful. In fact, this success in many specific vertical market has been confirmed, the automobile sales and service is just one of them. But the emergence of variable data printing, the target specific vertical market more easily, on-demand printing field friends often talk about world class variable data about automobile sales and service advertising campaign. However, a blog on the newsosaur show that, for the car industry, the transition from traditional newspapers, radio, television to the digital direction of advertising costs are enormous.

These changes not only the upside and downside. If you're a variable data printing services to the automotive distributor of printing enterprises, this is a problem for you, so you need to consider from print to online or mobile terminal services market. On the other hand, it gives people who specialize in paid search, personalized service, SEO site to build a two-dimensional code technology, cross media opportunities for suppliers.

Printing enterprises still can

These changes do not mean the demise of printing enterprises and the internal printing function. According to the America well-known PR consulting agencies, USA win shipping company (InfoTrends) published an article entitled "the North American printing production services: the restructuring of the industry" report, 2012 to 2013 years, printing service provider revenue increased by an average of 4.1%. Although nearly 1/4 printing service providers said their income was flat year on year, but nearly 66% of the income of the enterprise is still increasing, only less than 10% enterprises income decline.

Now, Indian enterprises elite is the use of a series of strategies to expand their sources of income, including a call for more resources to do the marketing, automated production process, to provide variable data printing services, providing more digital equipment, improve equipment utilization ratio, and provide processing services more.

American InfoTrends (InfoTrends) study shows, printing as a service is not limited to the commercial printing. In fact, the ecological mode of enterprise internal printing market and commercial printing is almost the same. As business printing enterprises, internal printing (in-plants) are often used a series of strategies to improve their own competitiveness. These measures include reducing the production cost, improve production efficiency, and actively expand new printing business and value-added services.

To meet with the change of innovation

American win shipping company (InfoTrends), the printing industry will continue to face a number of challenges, including the new technology, more efficient and automation software solutions, as well as customers continue to change in the printing quality and market service demand. Our business printing enterprises printing (in-plants) based on the investigation discovery, not all companies are willing or ready to meet these challenges, and willing to make the necessary changes. However, in the face of such changes, to provide services for the printing industry organization to continue to perform its functions, it is necessary to change. Therefore, what is the strategic direction of the company? In the new year, you are ready to embrace change hard, or living in the struggle, or to die? In order to occupy a space for one person to help you in the market tomorrow, please you ponder the following questions:

1, do you know your customer needs what is changing?

2, with respect to the company, if you have a clear positioning of their production capacity?

3, for your competitors constantly adding new products and services, how will you deal with it?

4, you will be made to optimize performance in 2015 what kind of change?